Making a donation online is fast and easy using our website.

Please click on the Donate button below and you will be linked
to our page on the PayPal website from where you can make your donation.

If you are going to donate, please might we ask that you consider making a
regular monthly donation? Regular donations will benefit the Trust in three main ways:
they will cut the costs of our fundraising, reduce accounting and payment administration,
and enable us to plan ahead more effectively. Taking payments by cheque, card or
cash is a huge administrative burden. In contrast, Standing Order payments are
completely automated. You’ll always know exactly what has been paid without
checking your bank statement. A one-off donation of £300 is daunting for most
of us, whilst £20 a month seems much more reasonable!


PayPal is the most widely-used method of making payments
online and is a fully secure service that we and you can trust.

Alternatively, you can print out a postal donation form by clicking here
and post it to us with a cheque made payable to 'WCCT' or set up a
Standing Order using the same form. Our postal address is:

The Administrator
Wells Cathedral Chorister Trust
The Bursary
College Road
Wells  BA5 2SX

When making your donation, either via PayPal or by post, please consider using Gift Aid. Charitable causes can reclaim tax already paid on donations made under the Gift Aid Scheme. The giver must have paid a tax amount at least equal to the tax being reclaimed on the donation. UK tax paid on income, capital gains and savings all qualify. If you qualify, please complete the relevant section on the Donation Form (link above) when you submit your donation. Thank you.