Welcome to our website! We hope to explain here the value of Wells Cathedral Choir, the value to the wider world of those who receive a musical education within it, and the value for you, of a financial endowment to the Chorister Trust.

Wells Cathedral Chorister Trust exists to help young singers from any background to contribute to a cathedral tradition that has endured for more than a thousand years; to train in a world-class musical environment, and to enjoy a unique all-round education at Wells Cathedral School, be they day-pupils or boarders.

We are creating an endowment fund to provide bursaries for talented children so none is barred from this opportunity for financial reasons. We want to give the opportunity for choral training and an excellent education to more people from a wider range of backgrounds throughout the UK.

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“British choirs lead the world – largely thanks to the Church of England ... one of the great vocal factories of all time. Since the reformation, but particularly since the early 20th century, it’s produced a singing culture like no other.”  - Daily Telegraph

“To have had the opportunity to sing in the Cathedral Choir was an amazing experience. If the Trust wasn’t there, I know that I and many other choristers wouldn’t have that chance.” 
Folasade-Nelleke Ladipo, Former Head Girl Chorister

About us

Music is at the heart of this ancient community. All around Wells Cathedral Close you will hear music spilling from the windows and doors of medieval buildings as well as from the Cathedral itself. The settlement, designated England’s smallest city, lies at the foot of the Mendip Hills against the backdrop of some of the nation’s most spectacular natural scenery. It attracts music scholars, performers, and tourists from across the world.

Wells Cathedral School is central to the life of the city, and is one of only four government-supported music schools in England. Its unique environment prepares talented musicians with the world-class training needed to perform professionally at the highest level.

Central to the musical life of Wells is singing. Wells Cathedral School also provides young choristers for the Cathedral choir, which is one of the most celebrated ensembles of its kind in the world. It is regularly invited to perform for BBC broadcasts, Royal functions and international concerts. It collects prizes and accolades from all over the world, and has been recognised by Gramophone magazine as the world’s best choir combining adult and child voices.

Many of the children trained in the cathedral choir have gone on to win places at top musical academies and developed careers as professional opera singers or composers, pop musicians or Hollywood music engineers.