A New Choir Year

It was a great delight to welcome back the Cathedral Choir on Saturday for the start of the Choir Year. The packed service in the nave also gave opportunity to welcome the newest members of the Music Foundation; the new Probationers -Gabriel, William, Ollie, and Amelia; three new Choral Scholars - Harry Guthrie, Oliver Chubb, and Finn Lacey (a former head chorister of Wells); and not forgetting our new Assistant Organist, Jeremy Cole; and Organ Scholar, Joshua Stephens. We offer them the warmest of welcomes to Wells.

It was also a delight to congratulate the new Head and Deputy Head Choristers who all received their medals of office at the service; Bailey and Jessica, who become Head Boy Chorister and Head Girl Chorister, respectively; and Xavier and Taylor, and Harriet and Beth, who will become Deputy Head Boy and Girl Choristers.

Last but certainly not least, we offer our heartfelt congratulations to those choristers who have passed their year's probation and were admitted to the choir as full surpliced choristers - Harry, William, George, and Elsa. Bravo!