Wells' very own voice-over star!

William in the studio.jpg

Being the young talented singers that they are, our choristers are occasionally asked to employ their vocals skills outside of the Quire of Wells Cathedral.

And thus, Robinson's, the juice manufacturers, when searching for the perfect young voice to round off their latest 'Fruit Shoot' advertisement, found that there were few better places to look than Wells Cathedral Choir! Year 6 chorister, William, was duly appointed to the task and put his excellent diction and enthusiasm for all things vocal (and fruity!) to good use.

A keen chorister, William loves his football and hockey almost as much as his singing and, not being one to keep his feet too firmly on the ground, hopes to be a pilot some day. However, until that day comes when you may hear his voice instructing you to 'relax and enjoy the flight' as you head out of Heathrow, you can for now listen out for his excited tones at the end of the Robinson's Fruit Shoot advert now showing on a TV near you!